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…Why You Should Choose Us!

  • You can relax and stop worrying whether you’ve made the right choice of tailor because I guarantee my work
  • You will deal directly with William Westmancott, the person who actually cuts and fits your suit
  • You will be looked after by a small dedicated family run business where you are important and valued
  • You can spread the cost of your new suit with our monthly payment scheme
  • You will have a choice of thousands of fabrics
  • You will get to choose from thousands of possible style options
  • Your suit will last years longer
  • You will benefit from fittings during the actual making of your suit (rather than just a fitting when it’s finished) giving you a far better fitting suit
  • You will be constantly be updated on the progress of your new suit so you will never be left wondering what’s going on
  • You will get personal attention from one of Savile Row’s leading tailors, who has spent years learning his craft
  • You won’t get a tape measure wielding salesperson, fresh from a two day training course
  • You will get genuine advice on which styles, cloths and colours work best for you
  • You won’t get someone selling you the styles and cloths that make them the most money

The full bespoke process.

  • You will save time travelling to and from fittings because I will come to you
  • You will feel more confident and carry yourself better; clothes don’t just affect the way you look
  • You will have a great experience. Having a suit or shirt made for you should be a pleasure; and we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great time

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For further information please contact:
William Westmancott

Tel. 02070 601 149


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