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Full Bespoke Suits

"Full bespoke" means that I make your suit to your exact specifications using traditional Savile Row techniques and methods. This involves over eighty-four hours of intensive labour, as 170 parts are individually hand cut and sewn together.

The methodology

The jacket and trousers are made using the "single-garment method", meaning a specialist jacket maker makes the whole jacket whilst a specialist trouser maker makes the trousers.

The size and shape of each of the individual parts are uniquely tailored to your requirements. There will have to be at least several fittings to ensure every detail of the suit meets with your satisfaction and complements your build and personal style.

The suit’s under-structure is hand-stitched, and the seams are sewn in one of up to half-a-dozen different ways, depending on your figure, the type of cloth used, and any number of other subtle variations. Every part of the make is done by hand, barring only the longer seams.

Endless variety

Everything from the style of the suit, the collar and cuffs, the type of buttons, the hand worked buttonholes, and the shape and number of pockets are personalised to your exact specifications. The suit will only ever be considered finished when both of us are satisfied with the results.

The variety of cloths and styles available are as broad as your imagination. Whether it is a regular business suit, a casual jacket, tailcoat, or overcoat; I can oblige. Whatever you want, whatever you need; I can meet your requirements.

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