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Semi Bespoke Suits

"Semi Bespoke" means that your suit is made to your specific measurements and individual requirements using a combination of Savile Row and modern tailoring techniques. It provides the perfect stepping stone between ready to wear and the ultimate luxury of Savile Row Bespoke.

Quality and choice

Our Semi Bespoke uses high quality internals and trimmings, exactly the same as our bespoke suits.

The front parts of the jackets are made up of layers of horsehair canvas (stitched in and not fused). The whole lapel area is padded (stitched with hundreds of tiny stitches) and curled as it is stitched to give permanent shape and a nice roll to the lapels.

Making the suit

Your suit will be made utilising the latest technological advancements, coupled with the finest classical tailoring techniques. Your measurements, along with your “figuration” (the way you stand, shoulder slope, hip heights, any prominent parts, etc) are taken into account. The cloth, linings and canvasses are then hand cut to your requirements. Once this is done, the parts are sewn together by skilled craftspeople.

The garments are tried on and fitted mid way through construction and again on completion to ensure the finished garment fits perfectly.

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