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William Westmancott Savile Row Tailor

I’m William Westmancott a Savile Row craftsman and almost certainly the UK’s most expensive bespoke tailor.

I trained for 10 years in two of Savile Row’s most prestigious houses before launching my own 6 years ago.

I’ve cut clothing for the late Michael Jackson, British Royalty, the King of Bahrain, Sultan of Oman, not to mention countless other highly successful and wonderful people.

As one of the youngest tailors you’ll meet, you can benefit from my more contemporary view on style without compromising on the quality of the workmanship. My reputation is built on an uncompromising level of craftsmanship and personal service.

I have built an enviable team of the best of the best. I stand by the quality of my garments and offer a 20 year guarantee on all workmanship.

My story is a simple one:

At school my only ambition was to become a vet and I devoted myself to this successfully until I took up a hobby of sewing.

This hobby grew into an all consuming passion for making clothes, and before I knew it, I was nervously walking down the hallowed Savile Row in my best suit trying to pluck up the courage to go into one of the imposing shops to ask about apprenticeships.

I was lucky: right place, right time. A few weeks later I was back on the row starting my first day at Anthony J. Hewitt. And it was here that my love for Savile Row and the people who work there began.

That’s not to say it was easy…

Savile Row can be a harsh place for a young lad, with its old fashioned ways. But for the chance to work alongside such immensely talented people, it was well worth it.

I was taught to sew on Savile Row by Henry O’Connell who was an 83 year old 3rd generation tailor who made his first suit at the age of 8. His 74 years of experience and kindly Irish ways made me the tailor I was to become.

A short while later I moved next door to Dege and Skinner, one of the oldest and most revered Savile Row tailors, with more royal warrants than room to display them. Here I worked under the head cutter, Peter Ward, a man of phenomenal talent. 8 years later, a fully fledged Savile Row cutter, I left to follow my dream of starting my own tailoring house.

A Rocky Start…

My first venture sadly failed when the financing of it became difficult at the start of the financial crisis back in 2008. But with the support and encouragement of many of my early clients I relaunched back in 2010.

Today the William Westmancott name is associated with a strict adherence to quality, no matter the cost and I strongly believe that there is no better example of handmade bespoke clothing crafted anywhere else in the world.

I offer an unique VIP service to all my clients and I personally visit you in your home, office or hotel. I can also arrange to see you in my office in Heddon Street behind Savile Row.

And there are no standard 9-5 hours, I am flexible and I can see you at a time and place that works for you. It is not a service that everyone can afford, but for those who appreciate the best, I am here to offer it.

And I would love to make you a suit, please request a copy of my handbook to the right to find out more.

E-mail: William@williamwestmancott.com Phone: 0207 060 36 56

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