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An incredible amount of time and craftsmanship is used to cut, sew and perfect each shirt.

No element of our shirts is scrimped on, no corners cut. We pull out all the stops so that you can rest assured that your shirt is being worked on with pride. We only work in the very finest of fabrics and trimmings.

Our prices reflect the care and attention that you will receive from us as we strive to create for you the perfect fitting shirt.

  • On your first appointment, we will discuss your wants and needs and then you will look through the appropriate selections of shirt fabrics. We will discuss style and fit and I will take your measures and make a record of all of your specifications for your shirts.
  • We will cut your original pattern, then cut a fitting shirt for the first fitting. As part of our unique process, this shirt will not be cut in your chosen fabric, but in a simple cotton that can be pinned and adjusted to create the perfect pattern from which your final shirts will be made.
  • At the first fitting, we will try on your fitting shirt and you can decide how you like the fit and feel. We will pin it and tuck it and draw alterations directly onto it. We will have as many of these fitting sessions as required to ensure your pattern is perfect before we cut the first of your shirts.
  • The fabric for your final shirts will be washed carefully before it is cut, a process that has been sadly lost by most clothiers of today as it takes time and extra care. This prevents your shirt from shrinking when you first wash it at home and means it really is a ‘perfect fit.’
  • The final shirt will be cut from the results of these fitting sessions and made-up by careful handwork for you to take home and wear and wash as usual (your shirt will be presented to you with detailed advice on the proper care, laundering and pressing of your shirt to ensure its longevity). It takes a few wears for the cotton to shape and mold fully to the contours your body. For this reason we don’t cut the rest of your shirts until you are completely happy with the first shirt after you have worn it for a few times. If you are not entirely happy with the fit after the first few wears, we will meet again to carry out any further adjustments that are required.
  • We take a lot of time and care in getting your pattern perfect at the start because once your pattern is done we virtually need never go through the fitting process again. Your pattern will be kept by us, so when you reorder the process will be much quicker. We want you to remain clients with us; that is why we will ensure your satisfaction every time.
  • I guarantee my work. If it’s not perfect, I’ll make it so. Or your money back.

E-mail: william@williamwestmancott.com Phone: 0207 060 36 56

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