We all know that first impressions count. Within seconds we form an opinion that, right or wrong is hard to shift.

This jacket is part of a suit I made for a barrister, so as you would expect, it is full of details specifically chosen to reflect his profession and his character.

When in court there are rules on what can be worn. A suit has to be dark and sober in tone and either a three piece suit or a double breasted jacket.

This client finds he gets hot while working, so we opted for a 10oz cloth – light, but with a high quality yarn so it holds its shape well in wear. For the same reason we went with a double breasted jacket to reduce the layers.

Like it or not, this barrister knows that both judges and juries make assumptions about him and his case based on how he looks and performs.

We opted for a charcoal grey, this colour has proved in research to be the colour people associate as trustworthy and steadfast. The cloth has a very subtle herringbone design in it. This allows the colour to be kept plain, but adds some interest to the look of the fabric.

The lapel is kept bold and high, which gives balance to the extra visual weight in the waist, but also gives a more powerful dominant appearance.

Everything is arranged to balance, to look good without drawing the eye to any particular detail. This is a suit that needs to look impeccable, high quality and traditional, but otherwise never get noticed.

For this reason, there is the traditional 4 button cuff, the most formal arrangement, buttons are matched in highest quality horn.

There are no additional details like ticket pockets or fancy stitching, it’s a suit that is outstanding by blending in.

I suppose what I’m saying is that you wear is more important than you might think in determining your success – and if you agree maybe we should talk.

You can reach me at 0207 060 36 56 or send me an email:william@williamwestmancott.com

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