Full Bespoke

Semi Bespoke

Semi Bespoke Cut from a unique pattern drafted to your size and shape. Made in our specialist workshops by our craftsmen to a higher standard than most handmade bespoke suits. A fully floating canvas construction. Fitted on completion by William and finished with beautiful handmade buttonholes. 45 hours of workshop time.  

Full Bespoke

Full Bespoke Hand cut from a unique pattern drafted for you by William Westmancott. Every garment is meticulously hand tailored by one of our Savile Row trained specialist craftsmen. Fully hand canvassed, fittings throughout construction and beautifully hand finished involving around 84 hours of workshop time.  

Ultimate Bespoke

Ultimate Bespoke The “Ultimate Bespoke” suit is unquestionably the most luxurious and exquisitely crafted bespoke suit experience in the world. Entirely hand sewn without a single machine stitch. Crafted by our most highly skilled tailors. Hand craftsmanship the likes of which have never been seen before. Involves over 320 workshop hours.  
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