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My handcraft suits are more than just an item of clothing. They are a lifestyle choice, and they come with a full range of personal services. The process takes place roughly as shown below:

  • Firstly, you make an appointment.
  • William Westmancott will come and see you, bringing along over 3000 cloths to choose from.
  • You pick the cloth.  William Westmancott will guide you and advise you on the various choices in order help you get the most out your suit.
  • You select the lining from a selection of over 150 plains, fancy weaves, tonic/shot, satins, twills, and ermazine (high grade lightweight).
  • You will design the style, cut, pocket details, lapel shape and size, cuff details, and anything else you can imagine. We will build your suit exactly as you envisage.
  • Bespoke means that your suit can be anything you want it to be.
  • Once you have decided on the style, cloth, and other requirements, William Westmancott will take a comprehensive set of measures.
  • During this appointment we will take a set of digital pictures which will allow William Westmancott to study your figuration in detail while cutting your personal pattern.
  • A 50% deposit will then be required; the remainder to be paid on completion.
  • Once the appointment is completed, William Westmancott will prepare to cut your pattern – the cloth and the linings, the layers of canvas and pads, etc.
  • Following this, we will assign your jacket to one of our jacket makers and your trousers to one of our trouser makers. They will become your personal jacket and trouser maker, respectively, and will have sole responsibility for crafting these garments.
  • Around 4 weeks from the order date, William Westmancott will return for the first fitting (known as a baste) to fit the jacket and trousers. This will take about half an hour, after which adjustments as small as 1/8th inch will be made.
The handcraft process.

  • Further fittings will be booked in order to ensure that the suit meets your requirements perfectly. There will be as many of these as is necessary to ensure that everything is completed to your complete satisfaction.
  • I guarantee my work. If it’s not perfect, I’ll make it so. Or your money back.

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