Here’s a jacket I made for a lawyer in the city. His office has a smart casual dress policy for days when he isn’t meeting clients. He was after a jacket that he could comfortably wear to the office as well as casually at weekends.

He has a difficult figure to fit (uneven sloped shoulders, forward shoulder points, hollow back, prominent hips etc.) and he also carries a lot of things in his jacket (mobile, work Blackberry, wallet etc.) which we needed to conceal as best as possible.

He loves details in clothing, but wanted to avoid looking stupid and overtly fashion forward. This jacket needed to be classical and timeless whilst on point, current and fashionable.

We went with this 14oz mottled grey tweed. The textured grey jacket has been a favourite in Autumn/Winter collections for many years – It goes with everything. Jeans, chinos, cords etc. and the colour works well for his dark hair and light skin tones.

It was important to keep this jacket looking casual, so it didn’t look like part of a suit. It needed to stand alone.

We added patch pockets – a slightly risky choice because it can over emphasise the hips, but by balancing it with the high, strong lapel and keeping the pockets simple with no flaps I could negate this issue.

The tab collar gave it a casual feel, for the weekend, but could be turned in for work when the mood had to be a little smarter.


The three button cuff hints at being slightly less formal than the traditional four, whilst the two button front gives this jacket a slightly smarter grounding. It also emphasises the waist line and reduces bulk to the silhouette.

It’s a bit of a chameleon of a jacket this – It’s smart, yet casual. It’s fashionable, yet timeless. It’s sexy, yet sedate. It’s made for him and his needs.

Do you have a need for something this versatile? – Something you can’t just buy in the shops. Send me an email to I would love to hear from you.

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