William Westmancott Tailoring: I bring Savile Row perfection to you

William Westmancott
My suits are unique, and so is my service.

By “unique” I mean the clothes I make are made for you and you alone.

And by “unique service” I mean I am the only tailor in the world who brings Savile Row perfection directly to you, in your home, hotel or office. I will even fly to see you.

And by Savile Row perfection, I mean that if what I create for you is not perfect – in your judgement, not mine – I will make it so or refund your payment in full. This guarantee applies for a full year after you first try on your finished suit.

Frankly, if you are looking for something on the cheap, please read no further.

My prices for bespoke suits start at £1980. This price simply reflects the 14 years I spent learning my craft and the work that has to go into a genuinely hand-crafted suit.

When you see my price list, you may be thinking “but surely I’ve been offered a bespoke suit for less than half of this price”. This is where the confusion lies. You can buy a made to measure suit from many tailors from around £400 to £1,800 – but it won’t be bespoke.

Chain stores offer what they call “bespoke” suits. Others offer ‘mass measuring’: you go to a venue, are measured, your details are passed on and then a suit appears almost by magic, made by people you never met.

That’s why it’s cheap, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You get what you pay for. But it is not a bespoke suit as it was always understood. It’s an assembly line suit – one just ‘made to measure’.

All bespoke suits are made to measure, but not all made-to-measure suits are bespoke.

Now let’s compare the difference with one of my bespoke suits.

No Savile Row tailor offers the service I offer, yet many charge more.

A bold statement, I know – but carry on reading and you’ll see just why and how it is true. It’s all too easy nowadays to harp on about ‘service’ but the reality is nobody goes to the lengths I do.

What it takes to make you a suit in the Savile Row tradition

When you buy one of my suits you’re measured at the time you choose, at the place you choose. And you’re measured by me – not a salesman with a tape.

I come to your office, hotel or home – wherever you wish, whenever you wish.

And the suit I make will be for you, not someone “more or less you”

A person’s stature and shape make a huge different to a suit, obviously. We are all different.

But there is more to it than that. Two men may have exactly the same measurements, but how they hold themselves may be entirely different.

Slight differences in the measurements I take will complement your shape and make a world of difference to how you will eventually look (more on this below).

There are many corners that can be cut – especially with the canvass. The canvass holds the ‘shape’ of the suit. Some “bespoke” suits have fused – or glued-in linings. This doesn’t begin to compare with the springy horse hair I use, which moves with you.

If the jacket canvass and how it is stitched in are not like that, it’s simply impossible to create a genuinely bespoke suit as Savile Row has always understood it – and utterly impossible at some of the prices quoted.

Your own personal tailor

You simply can’t have one person take your measurement then another (or others) do the tailoring without the two meeting. This is quite simply not bespoke.

Nor in my view will you get a really good made-to-measure suit that way – but I’ll come to that in a moment.

When I make your bespoke suit, I do everything. I make all the alterations, however many may be necessary, often to do with things you would barely notice. There is no production line. It’s just me – your own Savile Row tailor – and my workshop, where I practice my craft.

How can I do all this myself? I confess - I couldn't possibly make every garment on my own.

I have an amazing team of craftsmen and women hand picked for their outstanding skills. But even then, the only work that is not done by me is the sewing. I do all the cutting and fitting myself.

This is the only way the measurements and alterations for your suit can be absolutely perfect – just right to suit your shape, your stature, the way you move and the way you stand.

Guaranteed to be perfect – or you don’t pay a penny

A bespoke suit is a true reflection of success: you’ll never experience one without success, nor afford one.

The tailor who takes the measurements then marks and supervises the alterations – me – is there to make sure everything is perfect, at every stage your garment goes through.

My service to you is as personal as my tailoring.

It’s not a service everyone can afford, but because my workshop is not in the centre of Mayfair, what you get is a Savile Row Suit for distinctly less than you might pay if it were.

(In fact it is less than I used to charge when I did have a workshop there.)

I leave no room for error and there is no lengthy wait should any alterations need to be made.

Many, perhaps most of my customers are entrepreneurs and business owners. They value their time, and so do I. They prefer to have their suits made in the traditional way, making them truly bespoke.

Interested? Why not fill in the boxes to find out more?

The ultimate in tailoring: 166 separate pieces

All garments are made for you, and as I say, you deal with me at every stage.

You have a hand cut suit from a pattern drafted by me, unique to your measurements. No blocks sizes or standard shapes are used - everything is designed around your shape.

A pair of trousers is made from 57 separate pieces. A jacket is made from 109. Not using standard shapes and block sizes as many do means your suit is made to fit you – not made, then made to fit. This gives your suit perfect shape.

The horse hair, with its unique springiness will keep the shape of your jacket for decades.

The jacket canvass is held in place by thousands of ‘invisible’ stitches – hard work but infinitely better than the glued alternative.

Nearly every stitch on the suit is done by hand – machines are only used for the longer seams because of their cleaner line (in fact this is the only time when they have a genuine advantage over handworked stitches).

These are just a few reasons why a true bespoke suit takes over 84 hours to make.

Several fittings are necessary – at least three, possibly more. It’s not unusual for me to make alterations of 1/8 of an inch – but these subtle changes can have a huge impact on how the suit feels and looks.

The end result is a suit that has you feeling ‘amazing’, as one customer put it.

Interested? Let me mail my price list to you right now.

How some customers come to experience true bespoke

But let’s look at the difference between made to measure, and a truly bespoke suit.

A proper made to measure suit is certainly vastly better than buying off the peg.

But it is depressing to see how what is just a made to measure suit is misrepresented. Often they are described as ‘hand crafted’. But the plain fact is, made to measure suits are not hand crafted. They are machine cut. Hands only touch the parts that machines can’t do – yet.

I do in fact offer a made-to-measure suit starting at £995 – with one very important difference – and it is at the most important stage.

If the measurements aren’t right, nor will the suit be. So even with my made to measure suits I come and personally take your measurements.

Many of my customers often have made to measure suits before opting for a true bespoke suit– but to be honest, it’s a one way street. You’ll never go back to ‘made to measure’ after experiencing bespoke.

But that will be for you decide, and you to experience. My task is simply to make a suit that fits you perfectly – and does you proud.

Why not send now for my price list so you can see the various options you have?


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