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Here’s the terms and conditions. They’re not written by a lawyer, they’re not here to exclude your rights or any reasonable claim – they’re here just to clarify things so we all know where we stand.

Terms and Conditions for our 20 year guarantee:

1. The garment/s must be well looked after and maintained in accordance with the care instructions.

2. The guarantee excludes accidental damage, improper care, or damage caused by misuse or negligence.

3. The guarantee covers the workmanship, all materials and buttons etc., but excludes wear and tear to the cloth and linings or shine of the cloth and linings due to abrasion and/or wear.

4. Any repairs required must be dealt within a reasonable time after they occur or as soon as they are noticed.

5. If repairs or adjustments are required, the garments must be sent recorded delivery to us and will be returned to you within 28 days.

6. 20 years free alterations is subject to a fair use policy.

7. For alterations, the garment/s should be sent recorded delivery to William Westmancott with instructions for the adjustments required. These will be made and the garments returned within 28 days.

8. If you require a consultation and fitting for adjustments and alterations, there will be a consultation fee for the service, but the alterations will be free.

9. Whilst extra cloth is allowed during construction of the clothing for future alterations and adjustments, alterations are limited to the cloth that is available.

10. The garments must be rotated in wear with others and not worn on consecutive days.

11. Repairs to tears or holes in cloth will be made as economically and to as high a standard as possible.

12. The guarantee only applies to garments paid for in full.

13. This guarantee applies only to garments commissioned since 28.04.12 when this guarantee was written.

14. This does not affect your statutory rights.

15. The guarantee only applies to the original owner for which the garments were made.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. All goods remain the property of William Westmancott until paid for in full.

2. Terms and conditions may be changed or amended without notice and are available to view on this website at any time.

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