Ultimate Bespoke Suit

The World’s Finest Bespoke Suit


A bespoke experience unlike anything else.

The most beautiful and exquisite craftsmanship available anywhere in the world.

In the years before the sewing machine, a handmade suit was really that. Entirely hand sewn.

With the advent of the sewing machine suits became easier, cheaper and faster to make. Today, suits can be made in less than a couple of hours.

Sadly, the less handwork that goes in, the less character the finished garment has. The less soul, beauty and life it exudes.

Which is why I have created Ultimate bespoke. The entirely handmade bespoke suit. Savile Row craftsmanship like it used to be, but with cloths finer than have ever been used before

Every single stitch is sewn by hand. For the finest, most beautiful and individual suit ever created. A work of absolute dedication and skill involving around 400 hours of workshop time.

Ultimate Bespoke is available by special appointment only with William Westmancott.

‘To find out more about the Ultimate Bespoke, please email William@williamwestmancott.com by clicking here:

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